App settings

You’ll be prompted to choose a few settings the first time you start Audio Digitalizer. Afterwards, you can open settings by clicking the Settings link in the top-right corner.

Recording tab

See using Audio Digitalizer for information on selecting a recording source and adjusting the volume.

App settings tab

Music folder
This is the folder where Mp3 tracks are saved. The tracks will be in a subfolder named after the project’s album title.
Temporary folder
This is where temporary recording files are saved. They are deleted after the project closes.
Unedited recordings folder
This is where recordings are saved in .wav format.
Mp3 bitrate
This specifies the encoding bitrate. Higher bitrates equal better quality and a larger filesize.
Disc drive
This is the disc drive Audio Digitalizer will use when burning an audio CD.
Disc recording speed
This field may be empty unless a CD-R disc is in the drive. The default value normally works best, but low quality blank discs may need to be burnt at a lower speed.
Write cd-text
This setting writes metadata such as track titles to disc in CD-TEXT format.
Use buffer-underrun protection
This setting helps prevent disc burning errors. It may be necessary to uncheck this if using a very old disc drive that doesn’t support this technology.

System check tab

This tab lets you know if your computer doesn’t meet the recommended system requirements. You may still use the app, but you may encounter recording problems or other issues.

System information tab

This tab lists your computer’s configuration. When contacting us for technical assistance, please include this information.